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Labour Council endorses Hamilton Climate Change Action Charter

The Hamilton and District Labour Council agrees that:

A) Scientific evidence shows climate change is happening now. There is consensus that greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity are seriously affecting Earth's climate.

B) Climate change is having increasingly negative impacts on all of Hamilton's residents, environments, and economy.

C) We need to take responsibility and act to reduce greehouse gas emissions and prepare for climate change impacts in ways that promote economic prosperity, health and environmental benefits for all.

D) It is important for individuals and organizations to share ideas and best practices and coordinate efforts to accomplish these goals as effectively as possible.

The Hamilton and District Labour Council commits to:

1) Keep informed of new information on climate change and its impacts in order to understand risks and effects on us as individuals and organizations.

2) Establish a baseline measurement of our current contribution to climate change throught our activities.

3) Set significant specific targets for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, identifying where we will focus our efforts to achieve those targets.

4) Take personal responsibility for these climate change commitments, and in the case of businesses or organizations assign responsibility to a senior individual. Collaborate with other groups, individuals, organizations, and businesses to address causes and consequences of climate change.

5) Report annually to the community and celebrate successes in reducing emissions and/or creating resiliency in response to climate change impacts during Hamilton's Climate Change Action Month in October.

6) Engage, educate, and involve individuals, families, groups, businesses, organizations, and other entities to also commit to this Charter and work collectively to address climate change.

Signed by:

Mary Long, President                                                                  

December 8, 2012                                                                                                                                          

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