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Anthony Marco elected Labour Council president

On October 16, 2014, Brother Anthony Marco was elected president of the Hamilton and District Labour Council for the remainder of the term ending in December 2015.

Brother Marco has been a Labour Council delegate representing OSSTF for 10 years. Since 2010, he has served as a member-at-large on the Executive Council.

He is the first delegate from the education sector to lead the Labour Council in Hamilton.

A few words from the new president:

I am committed to continue to help lead our struggle against austerity attacks in our city, and help strengthen relationships with coalitions that allow us to have a voice in the fight at provincial and national levels.

I do, however, believe in the practice of Think Global, Act Local in that a stronger, unionized Hamilton means a stronger province and country. We must be ready to work with those who would support us in that fight, try to change the minds of those who won't, and (ultimately, if necessary) work to change those who won't into those who will.

I am prepared to help build bridges between our locals and help foster a climate where disagreements on some details get far overshadowed by a united approach to fight back and change.

Together we can embrace solidarity through education and communication. Together we can make our community stronger through organizing and adding locals to the HDLC. Together we can say to multinational corporations or governments that if you come after even one worker in Hamilton, you will now have to face down tens of thousands.

I have felt the solidarity of the HDLC for ten years and it has changed my life by opening my eyes to the different facets of the labour struggle within our community. I am ready to help lead the fight back and to make strides against those who would try to keep us down.

In solidarity,

Anthony Marco

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