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Labour Council Expense Policy

Hamilton and District Labour Council – CLC

Expense Policy (2015)

  1. Mileage:

$0.47/km (driver, no passenger), $0.55/km (driver and one passenger), $0.60/km (driver and two or more passengers). Trips must be pre-authorized.

  1. Other transportation:

Air transportation usually is booked through the travel agency designated by the CLC, OFL or sponsoring organization. In other cases, the most economical form of transportation, including bus or train or vehicle rental,                                     should be utilized. Sensitivity to the needs of passengers (and accommodations for those with health concerns) will determine the appropriate mode of transportation. North American and union made vehicles should be used for labour council business whenever feasible.

Taxi fare will be reimbursed if the secretary or treasurer is informed in advance and a taxi is the most appropriate form of transportation available.

  1. Per Diem:

$50 for a single day, out of town

$80 per day for meetings/events requiring an overnight stay

Additional costs associated with unexpected or special circumstances can be paid if approved by the   table officers on a case-by-case basis, and, if possible, identified in advance of incurring the costs.

  1. General expenses:

Labour Council reimburses authorized expenditures. Receipts should be submitted to the office within 30 days following the expenditure.

  1. Dependent Care:

Labour Council will provide a dependent care subsidy of up to $25 a day to any delegate requiring assistance to attend monthly Delegates' Meetings, committee meetings, or other participate in other work/projects assigned by the president or the Delegates' Meeting upon submission of documentation/receipts verifying the expenditure. (Approved by Council on February 19, 2014)

  1. Secretary's Honorarium:

$125 per week, payable monthly

Monthly bus pass (currently $87/month)

Reviewed annually in December by the Executive Council

  1. President's Honorarium:

$125 per week, payable monthly (per Article 11, Section 6 of the Constitution)

The expense policy is reviewed annually in December. Any changes take effect in January of the next year.

Reviewed and amended by the Executive Council on December 10, 2014 

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