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HDLC Statement on Recent Events in Chile

The Hamilton and District Labour Council, a chartered council of the Canadian Labour Congress, members of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), would like to express the following to our comrades in Chile and those tied to those events here in Hamilton:

We join with5 other labour groups across the Americas in maintaining a position of support for the popular mobilizations and leadership of our comrades at the Central Unitario de Trabajadores in Chile. They have attempted numerous forms of pressure to modify the economic poilcies tha thave led to the destruction of socai rights, including labour. The CUT has promoted an intencse peaceful mobilization. In response, the government has acted with prepression, persecution, emergency measures and state of seige, with a still undetermined number of people killed, hundreds of injured and thousands of detainees.

To date, the attitude of the government has not favoured a true and sincere national dialogue, which includes trade union organizations and other expressions of the social movement. On the contrary, it maintains an authoritarian and repressive stance, depsite the peaceful mobilizations of hundreds of thousands of our comrades, who demand the end of neoliberal policie, the adoption of real measures of social compensation and political changes, to overcome the structual situation of inequality and exclusion, and the inheritance of the military dictatorship.

In this regard, we comdemn the repressive actions in Chile and demand the end of the state of emergency and the state of siege. While this situation is maintained and there are no real conditions for a comprehensive, inclusive and effective dialogue to adopt real measures that respond to the origin of the popular mobilzations of athe CUT and other groups.

We stand by our sisters, brothers, and comrades in their struggle to ensure that working class people in Chile are the first consideration of government and that oppress workers in Chile is to oppress workers worldwide.

We stand in solidarity from half a world away, because an injury to one is an injury to all.

Anthony Marco, President

on behalf of the Hamilton and District Labour Council

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