HDLC Scholarship 2024

May 6, 2024

The HDLC Scholarship is back for 2024!

One scholarship in the amount of $1,500.00 will be offered to a student entering the first year of undergraduate (or equivalent) post-secondary education in the fall of 2024.

Eligible applicants must be a child of / or a member in good standing in a union affiliated to the Hamilton and District Labour Council. (A child includes biological or birth children, children by adoption, and children by other equivalent relationship.)

Additional Criteria and rules:

  1. The scholarship will be awarded by a review panel established by the Labour
    Council based on ideas presented by the applicant in a video submission,
    artistic rendition, or short essay on an approved topic.
  2. Names of individual applicants and their associated unions will not be
    presented to the review panel. Applicants are advised not to include this
    information in the body of their submission.
  3. If the review panel cannot recommend a recipient, the Hamilton and District
    Labour Council reserves the right not to award a scholarship in 2024.
  4. The recipient must provide proof of acceptance into and enrolment at a
    university or college (or equivalent) before the scholarship will be issued.
  5. Applications must be received no later than 5:00 pm on June 28, 2024.
  6. Previous recipients of a scholarship from the HDLC are not eligible.
  7. The recipient will be notified in late August or early September.

Application Process:
Please provide a cover letter that includes:

  • Name, address, preferred telephone number, and email address of the
  • Name(s) of the parent (or equivalent) and the union affiliated to the Hamilton
    and District Labour Council in which they (or the applicant) are a member
  • Name of the post-secondary institution
    Applicants can submit one of the following based on one of the predetermined
    • 3 or 4 minute video OR
    • 250 to 400 word written statement OR
  • Visual art piece

Submissions can be made in French or English. Videos should be posted on YouTube and the video url included in the application cover letter. Written statements should be submitted in Word or PDF format, and sent as an email attachment to hamiltonlabourcouncil@gmail.com or a printed version can be mailed or delivered to the HDLC office at the address below. Visual art pieces can be received by email at hamiltonlabourcouncil@gmail.com or delivered or mailed to the HDLC office at the address below.

2024 Topics (choose one):

  1. Young workers (and not so young workers) often find themselves in precarious
    work. How would you define/describe precarious work? Explore the stresses
    and health outcomes associated with precarious work. How can unions help?
  2. Explore the impact of climate change on occupational health and safety. What
    are unions doing to help address potential hazards and related issues in the
  3. Migrant workers perform strenuous and sometimes hazardous work that is
    very important to the Ontario economy. Explore health and safety issues
    related to the work undertaken by migrant workers, particularly in local
    agriculture, and assess the potential impact of campaigns such as “Status for
    All” on the workers.
  4. There is a cost of living crisis — tuition, food and housing costs are rising.
    Explore the impact on students in post-secondary education, and international
    students in particular. In what ways do you think rising costs will influence your
    educational choices?

Send your cover letter and submissions by June 28, 2024 to:
Tom Atterton
Hamilton and District Labour Council
51 Adair Ave S
Hamilton ON L8H 1B5

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