Per Capita Policy

Hamilton and District Labour Council
Default Per Capita Delinquency Sanctions Policy

The following policy is put in place to prevent Council from having to judge situations on delinquent locals subjectively on a month-by-month basis while still ensuring fairness for locals who keep up with their per capitas and allow the Council to function.

The following sanctions do not prevent the Council from following the Constitution article with regards to per capita delinquency as it sees fit: “Any organization three (3) months in arrears in payment of the per capita tax MAY become, by Motion of Council, suspended from membership and can be reinstated only after arrears are paid in full.”

These steps of this policy will occur automatically with a written report submitted by the Executive, as necessary, to reflect which locals are at different stages. Locals will be informed when each step escalates. No step in this policy will require suspension from the Council. That remains the purview of Council according to the constitution at any point after 3 months delinquency.

An attestation (verbal or in writing) from a local officer that a cheque is imminent will delay any of these sanctions by one meeting of Council.

STEP ONE – 3 months STEP TWO – 6 months STEP THREE – 12 months
Locals informed of being behind on their per capitas and of the constitutional language as outlined above. Any members from delinquent locals may fully participate on workgroups but will not have voting power at Council meetings. Any members from delinquent locals will only be permitted to participate on workgroups if the workgroup brings a motion to Council with the name/local of the participant.
Where possible, any members attending a Council meeting shall be privately informed of their local’s delinquency. Any members from a delinquent local will only have voice at Council meetings with the permission of the Chair and/or Council. Any members from a delinquent local will only have voice at Council meetings with the permission of the Council.
Delegates will not be eligible to run in any HDLC election. Any members attending Council meetings will be recorded as absent for the purposes of meeting the requirements for eligibility in any HDLC election processes. An outreach/retention sub-committee of the Executive will be formed to assess the necessity of recommending a suspension motion to Council. Such a motion will not be mandatory.

If per capitas for a number locals are paid for (as a group) by a regional authority, attempts will be made to reach out the individual locals comprising that group to assess their willingness/ability to join individually.



Upcoming 2024 Events and Meetings
(Workgroups will decide, internally, if they wish to meet Virtually or Hybrid)

The June Council meeting will occur on Thursday the 20th at 7 p.m.

Our plan is have to snacks and beverages to welcome the summer break! For those of you who are newer to Council, we generally pass a motion to not meet in July and August. Please try to attend in person; we’d love to see many of your faces at Solidarity Place that evening.

If you are only able to attend on Zoom however, the link to register can be found HERE, the link to the Google Drive folder can be found HERE.

(Parking information below)

Please click here for a PDF of parking information for 51 Adair Avenue South.

Upcoming Workgroup Meetings

(To be re-started in the fall)


Council Meetings

The Hamilton and District Labour Council meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m.. There usually is no meeting in July or August. The regular business meeting in December occurs on the second Thursday.

If you are a delegate and require childcare for the purposes of attending a Council meeting, please let us know by the Thursday before the meeting so we can attempt to secure an ECE. If your child(ren) is old enough to occupy themselves, but you just want to bring them, that’s fine. If you are interested in expensing childcare/elder care at home for the purposes of attending a meeting contact Tom Atterton for the relevant forms at

Regular Labour Council meetings are open to the public. Visitors are welcome! For the zoom link, please contact Anthony Marco at

Executive Meetings

The Hamilton and District Labour Council Executive meets the Monday of the week before Council at 5:30 p.m. There usually is no meeting in July or August.

Workgroup Meetings

Workgroup meetings are open to all delegates.

Health & Safety and Wellness: For information on upcoming meetings, contact Gillian Surette-Robinson at 

Human Rights: For information on upcoming meetings, contact Ritch Whyman at

Political Action: For information on upcoming meetings, contact Malcolm Buchanan at

Special Events: For information on upcoming meetings, contact Anthony Marco at

Womyn’s Equity: For information on upcoming meetings, contact Stephanie Trepanier at

Young Workers: Meetings are generally held on the second Sunday of every month at 12PM, if you are not a delegate but would like to be involved, please contact us. For more information, contact Chelsea or Aya at

Buy Union

This project started through the work done by HDLC summer student workers Aya Younis and Brock Bodo. They spent the summer of 2020 reaching out to unions across the city, combing through online collective agreement archives, and sometimes even knocking on doors to compile a list of as many unionized worksites in the city as possible.

Of course the map will never be 100% complete, but we are looking for your ongoing help to make it as accurate as possible. Please email with any information we might be missing.

If you click on the square in the top right corner of the map, you can expand the view to a full page and zoom in or scroll around to find an area near you. Use the map to make sure you can BUY UNION, or find the services around you that are BY UNIONS!